Doing Business

Process to Implement the Chicago O'Hare Airport Express Rail Service

The process envisioned for the selection of a concessionaire to design, build and operate this service will follow essentially three phases.

Phase 1 - Worldwide Solicitation of Information and Interest.
This process will create a structure for those interested in partnering in the development of the service and will provide a forum to collect and entertain information needed by interested parties to respond to future solicitations

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Phase 2 - Request for Qualifications.

Through this Phase of the implementation, Responders will be afforded an opportunity to present their qualifications and experience in the areas of transportation systems as the one envisioned for the O'Hare Airport Express Train Service.

Phase 3 - Request for Proposals.

After a short list of qualified proposers is developed, these will be invited to present their detailed proposals. These proposals will be supported with the necessary definition on technologies, alignments and project financing. It is intended to complete this phase of the implementation with the selection of a preferred provider or concessionaire. It is also anticipated that the process will continue with negotiations between all involved parties.

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